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Geubuntu Wiki Home

Welcome to the Geubuntu Wiki, a place where you will find a lot of useful documentation and informations about Geubuntu. At any time, you can subscribe to this Wiki, if you think you can help, and you can collaborate to the documentation and helping articles about Geubuntu. You'll always be welcome here :)


1. Introduction
2. Change log
3. E17 General documentation manual (pdf - en)
4. Geubuntu 7.10 Luna Nuova Documentation
  1. Installing Geubuntu 7.10 from packages
  2. Installing Geubuntu 7.10 from packages (64-bit machines)
  3. Upgrading from Geubuntu 7.04 Prima Luna
  4. Installing Geubuntu 7.10 from Live
  5. Luna Nuova Known bugs
  6. GDM VS Entrance in Luna Nuova
  7. Using the Automated Geubuntu 7.10 Theeming Tools
5. Geubuntu 7.04 Prima Luna Documentation
  1. Installing Geubuntu from packages (i386 machines)
  2. Live CD
  3. Installing Geubuntu from Live
  4. Gnome-panel related problems
  5. GDM VS Entrance
  6. Using the Automated Geubuntu Theeming Tools
6. Artwork
7. Contributing
8. GEubuntu Development team
9. Copyrights and Legal stuff

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